May 20, 2009 at 5:42 pm (Uncategorized)

yes u’ve guessed it.. i’ve finally started my very own blog. this whole blog mania has managed to rope me in as well…and what a phenomenon its managed to become! i’ve just come to know how it works ( yup i know wat ure thinking..’poor ignorant fool! does she live in the stone age or something?’ well, welcome to my world). more so, i saw dat every tom, dick, harry, sally, jane and joan was blogging away in cyberspace and not just dat… ppl actually read their pieces of work and enjoyed them! mind u, the purpose of this particular blog was not to achieve fame and fortune or anything like dat; its mainly to try something new and to share wid others wat i perceive thru my viewing glass. (i know this sounds eerily a lot like J.D in Scrubs but c’mon, dont we all have a wild imagination like dat?? =P) anyways.. i guess this is just abt a gud enuff intro for now…. for more idiosyncracies and the quirkiness of life’s events, stay tuned to ths page!
ciao! =)


  1. Maliha said,

    haha…..update it everyday…i`ll be ur loyal follower!!!

    • mahrukhh said,

      hehehe.. thanks so much for ure loyalty. but im guessing u’l be the only one. =P

  2. Saadi said,

    Add me to tht list

    • mahrukhh said,

      awwwww!! ure soo sweeet saadi! =P

  3. mentosfreshmaker said,

    I’m not a tom, dick, harry, sally, jane and joan!

    • mahrukhh said,

      uh.. of course not! ure mehreen! mehreen hasan! my cousin who is no tom, dick, harry, sally, jane or joan..=D

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