Kids say (and do) the darndest things! =P

May 21, 2009 at 3:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Since im free nowadays wid absolutely nothing to do, i generally pass the time by surfing the internet, sleeping til 1 p.m and watching TV til my brain cells melt. I know, i know, its not very constructive (but seriously, wat wud u do wid so much time on ure hands?); however u’l b amazed at the kind of news dat gets on the air every now and then.  Like just the other nite, i was watching an episode of Opera (yeah, yeah, i watch Opera, so sue me.) I was watching the show in the hope of getting a chance to see the American society’s dirty laundry in the form of a multitude of problems dat they face on a daily basis wich wud indirectly make me feel better abt myself.(tsk tsk! mahrukh, u sadist u! =P) But it so turned out dat it was another one of those opera-and-friends-get-together-to-talk-about-something-utterly-useless-and-mundane shows so i was like ‘aw dang it! how boring!’. I was abt to reach for the remote to switch the channel wen they started to talk abt a particular news item wich was making its rounds in the media abt a new york city lawyer who got so frustrated wid her kids’ constant bickering and whining dat she threatened to stop the car and leave thm in the middle of the road…………..which she DID!! yes! u read correctly! she stopped the car, forced her kids out and then drove off! and the point where she left thm was like a gud 10 miles away fm home so yea naturally it must’ve been in the middle of nowhere! i mean can u BELIEVE dat?? n dats not all! this woman goes home and calls 911 to lodge a report abt her daughters missing. MISSING??? lady, u fricking left ure kids to fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere so how cud they be missing??? wel it just so happened dat the young girls (one was 12, the other was 10) were picked up a while later by a gud samaritan who happened to be in the neighborhood and who agreed to drop them home.

so wat, is ths the new way of parenting now? scaring the crap outta young kids just to make a point? and how annoying can kids get anyway?

i got the answer to my question a few days later wen i was sitting in our neighborhood park wid a friend wen a young girl who also lived in the neighborhood came up to return the hairband which she had borrowed fm my friend a few days earlier.. now the following is exactly how the scene materialised, no exaggeration.

young girl: “hello!”

my friend: “hey there! i see u hve my hairband there. hope it went wel wid the dress u wore for the birthday party u had to go to. how’d it go?”

young girl: “yea it was nice. thank u soo much for ure hairband. altho it was kinda loose for me, but still thanks alot….”

my friend (hesitatingly): “uhh…yea sure no problem.”

young girl: “…oh and its ends were kinda pinching me behind the ears, so yea that was kinda bothersome, but still thanks so much…”

…and with that she thrust the hairband into my friend’s hands, completely disregarding her shocked expression and pranced off. To be fair to my friend dat was hardly the kind of response i wud’ve expected fm a kid i wud’ve loaned something to! i mean a simple thank you wud’ve sufficed but nooooooooo!! she just had to launch on a verbal tirade of how the hairband came to be so below her expectations! i mean, COME ON! this is something you would normally say to a shopkeeper upon returning a piece of merchandise wich is suffering fm sum defect or something! honestly kids say the darndest things..=P

until next time ciao! =)


  1. Saadi said,

    me likes

  2. khuram said,

    i have a feeling your doing this to put in on ur cv saying ahem ahem “I HAVE A BLOG”:P 15 mins of my life lost… :P:P:P:P:P:P 😀

    • mahrukhh said,

      oh pls, i’ve dun enuf of other things wich i can put on my CV thank you very much. =P and i’ve ALWAYS wanted to do ths, so THERE! *sticks tongue out*

  3. maliha said,

    lol….. these new kids are like that! seriously!!!
    good work mahrukH!

    • mahrukhh said,

      hehe thank u very much! =D

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