siigh..only in Pakistan.

May 22, 2009 at 7:35 pm (Uncategorized)

heyloo agaiin!! sorry for the delay.. i was watching a show called ‘oye! its Friday!’ which comes on Aag TV,  hosted by Farhan Akhtar and the special guest was Shahrukh Khan. (…wat? don’t look at me like dat! i have sum very fond memories of Shahrukh Khan’s acting career; case in point, kal ho na ho, dilwale dulhaniyan le jayeinge, etc where he plays the typical chocolate hero everybody falls in love with … altho i have to admit now dat image has been immensely corrupted by his buffed up bod and his fetish wid item numbers where hes making out wid practically every girl in the room..*shudder*). It was pretty interesting, farhan and shahrukh joking arnd and stuff.. thr was this segment wich they both presented at the end of the show which was titled, ’10 Biggest Dating Mistakes’… the dating mistake dat topped the list? “while on a date, never EVER ask a girl: ‘would u be able to handle all the household chores?'” yea so theres sum food for thought for all the aspiring daters out there.. you all know who you are. =)

yea so bak to the topic at hand… im sure a number of us have noticed (read: ‘been subjected to’) the endless and numerous grammatical errors dat keep springing up every now and then on billboards, banners, signboards, u name it… to tel u the truth, i cringe everytime i see one. i mean, if u’ve spent so much money on the size of the billboard, the paint, not to mention the wages to the people who make it, why not go the extra mile (in fact in this case its not even a mile, its probably a kilometre) and actually make sure the spelling and grammar of the words on the billboard are correct. but i guess dats just too much to ask for. as a nation we’re always on the lookout for shortcuts; whether it involves cutting in front of the other poor soul at the traffic signal, or cutting in line in a long queue for the distribution of free donuts (altho in dat case there wouldn’t be a line, there would be an insane mob!) its always the easy way out for us. whatever the reason, one things for certain; it sure does provide alot of free entertainment! =D

i came across a few such wonderful photos taken of such master felonies committed in the English language which were sent to me via e-mail from a friend. Enjoy! =)


..the guys who created the song will die of shame! .... that is, if they haven't already died yet...the guys who created the song will die of shame! …. that is, if they haven’t already died yet.

ok this doesn't even sound rite!ok this doesn’t even sound rite!

chumma chumma dey dey!! =Pchumma chumma dey dey!! =P

...ahem, need i say more?…ahem, need i say more?

hmmm..dats not gonna attract too many customers!hmmm..dats not gonna attract too many customers!

ok im not sure dats even a word!ok im not sure dats even a word!

…until next time, ciao! =)



  1. saadi said,

    damn it i knew i shudnt have asked tht gurl if she cud wash the dishes 😛

    • mahrukhh said,

      hahaha! lolz! oh wel, better luck next time. =)

  2. TIM said,

    dude… you finally found a way to keep yourself busy han :p

    waisay about the spelling on billboards, you shd have seen the ones put up to welcome benazir when she came back around october. they were SADDENING…. such a big party, and u guys shd have seen what they wrote on them… sorry, i dont have pictures or anything to support my words… hehe

    • mahrukhh said,

      lolz! really?? hehe wel actually m not surprised.. haha n no its ok, i believe u. =P

  3. maliha said,

    hahha..holesalers!! haha this reminds of this joke that sumbody texted to me.. it was sumthing like..
    “A board outside a call girl`s house read- for UNMARRIED men only. we serve the needy, not the greeedy ” :P:P

    ohhh..and abt spelling errors…have u seen that picture where people are holding a banner which says “we condom the attacks”

    ackk…i just read my reply and its soo mahrukh for corrupting ur blog :P:P

    • mahrukhh said,

      lolz! its al gud! its not like my blog is open to all ages or anything.. =P

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