May 28, 2009 at 12:26 pm (Uncategorized)

iiiiiiiiiiittttsss MAHRUKH!! ok dat was lame.. sorry for the delay in posts.. AGAIN! i dont know wat it is but its like i’ve put out a signboard outside my house which says Babysitter Available” cos for the past 4 days consecutively i’ve been asked to babysit my cousins ( that too widout pay, hmph! thoughtless! =P) while their parents would go off gallavanting across the city. Another reason i cudn’t write was… wel its kinda embarrassing but actually… *sigh*… i’d developed writer’s block. There, i said it. *bracing for taunts and verbal abuses*  (well it really shudnt be DAT bad.. i mean, J.K.Rowling developed a writer’s block before the 7th part of the harry potter series came out, so BIG DEAL! )

anyways first things first. i would like to take a moment to condemn wat happened in lahore yesterday. a suicide attack occurred near fatima jinnah road outside the offices of Rescue 15 and an intelligence agency, in which 50 people were injured (some critically) and 24 people lost their lives. many of the casualties were children. in a matter of minutes, hundreds of families’ lives were changed forever. It has been said that the Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack. Taking into consideration what happened, my message to them is this:

From now on, no effort shall be made in trying to make you see the err of your ways, because clearly logic and rationality are things which are beyond you. It is evident from your actions that not only do u lack the compassion and love for your fellow country men or citizens, you also remain stubbornly fixated on your biased and irrational beliefs and continue to claim that you are in the right. However one thing shall be made clear; no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you will NOT be able to shake the foundations of this beautiful  country for the fulfilment of your own selfish interests. We are a resilient nation; we have emerged from attacks like these unscathed many times before. But now is the time we say…. enough. we shall have you know that the entire country backs the military offensive launched against the Taliban forces and other rogue elements who seek to upset the tranquility of this nation. InshAllah, we shall succeed.

May Allah provide us with strength and hope to pass through the difficult time ahead of us.. Ameen.

Not to worry, i shall not leave you feeling morbid and depressed. i have a feeling the following will put a smile on your face.. =)

until next time.. ciao. =)


  1. mentosfreshmaker said,

    also, why is your name spelt funny? and how long are you on holiday for??

    • mahrukhh said,

      wel cos it wasn’t accepting my name as it was.. i wanted my blog to be titled wid my name but apparently the blog was resistant to it. =S so i had to make a few modifications. =P i gues i m on holiday for another 2 weeks at the most.

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