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this is wat was pasted all over the news channels, whether local or international. to say the very least, its shocking. i mean woke up to about 12 text messages on my cell phone, screaming the same thing: Michael Jackson is dead. to tell you the truth it feels…… weird. i mean i’d gotten used to images of him that kept springing up in the media from time to time. as far as im concerned im gonna miss alot of things about him; his dance moves, his..ahem, appearance.

yup, sure as hell wont forget that for a while. =Pyup, sure as hell wont forget that for a while. =P

ok seriously speaking, its a huge loss. the music industry would not be what it is today if it hadn’t been for Michael Jackson.  His contributions are phenomenal. so he will be sorely missed.

sigh in other news, weather in karachi has been moderately pleasant. monsoon seasons finally here so better get ure raincoat out. hehe kinda reminds me of the time my cousin was musing about the way us karachiites make such a big deal about rain here. she lives in singapore where it rains practically every 5 minutes (in fact the weathers so messed up dat if u look out ure window on one side, u’l see its raining while at the other window it’l be sunny. =S)  it was then we wondered what it would be like if a bunch of pakistanis lived in singapore for a while….

as soon as the first drops of rain hit the ground, a rumbling sound is heard from all four corners of the street. Pedestrians look around in alarm, wondering at the source of the sound. the rumbling grows louder and louder; the people become frightened, a woman screams. suddenly…………..a group of brown skinned people appear, shouting in glee and begin to dance, jump in the puddles and throw water at each other!

heheh the poor singaporeans wont know wat they’ve bargained for. =P

anyways heres a video of one of the live performances of michael jackson for his song ‘dangerous’. loved it! enjoy! =)

until next time ciao! =) *moonwalks out of the room*


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June 23, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Uncategorized)

WHEW!! wow its been AGES since i last posted something here! (hehe i almost forgot how to sign in but i managed to retrieve the correct information from the far reaching corners of my rusty memory =P)

yea wel like always this time i have a perfectly legitimate and valid reason for vanishing into the ether… remember the time when i emphasized how everybody around me seems to be taking advantage of my supposed ‘babysitter qualities’ and thus very conveniently dumping their offspring on me? yes well that situation jumped up a notch recently to include adults as well..yes you read correctly.. i inevitably found myself running to and from the kitchen preparing the first of endless rounds of tea while simultaneously playing hide n go seek with my 9 year old cousin. (my future mother-in-laws gonna be sooo proud of me…*shudder*). so as a result i did not get to see my old friend Mr. Laptop until today..(oh it was fun! we chatted about how we’d been over the past few days; i narrated how i had been busy with family, Mr. Laptop complained about his living conditions in the closet which was continously plagued by lizards and termites…pretty constructive.)

anyways today was one of those days where when you have nothing to do so time deliberately slows down. my summer semester at universitys started so today was my 3rd class of strategic management (yea times THAT slow, can you believe it?) the teacher was yapping away as usual and as it is my mind doesn’t need much excuse to wander so this was like a free license for my imagination to go wild. its amazing the kinds of random stuff that enters your mind when you’re idle; certain issues that shouldn’t be called issues because, well they’re just not that serious but they still do affect your life in such a way that you do tend to wonder…WHY this particular thing happened? so without further ado, i present to you the WHYS of my life. enjoy. =)

the WHYS of my life:

  1. WHY does the water always run out when i take a shower?
  2. WHY does the milk always finish when i have to eat cereal?
  3. WHY are kids today getting their first cell phones at the age of 13 while i got mine at the age of 19?
  4. WHY is everything on Geo News “Breaking News”?
  5. WHY do mobile phone network  companies rely on song and dance to convey their message in an advertisment?
  6. WHY do most police officers have a large belly?
  7. WHY is it that when political leaders go to India, its called a ‘recreation trip’ whereas when they come to Pakistan, its called an ‘official visit’?
  8. WHY does the ‘ D’  of  ‘Disney’ look like a ‘G’?
  9. WHY does Emraan Hashmi star in movies that include nudity?
  10. WHY is it that when you offer your teaching services to a fellow student that @%#?! person ends up with a better grade than you?
  11. WHY are people so eager to come on TV shows like ‘Maachis’ to just scream at each other?
  12. WHY can’t people who call on a local radio channel get the hint and refrain from calling their aunt’s niece’s husband’s cousin’s daughter-in-laws sister on the phone to talk to the RJ?
  13. WHY is it that now that all the roads of Karachi are equipped with the ‘latest’ drainage system after much painstaking efforts (on our part)… it doesn’t rain anymore?
  14. WHY is it that when people say ‘lahore lahore hai’ it sounds ok but when they try to say ‘karachi karachi hai’ it just sounds weird?

and now for my favourite…. *drumroll*…..

15. WHY do certain people after travelling the entire world and achieving so much decide to devote the rest of       their lives towards ‘teaching’ which basically means REMINDING students of his accomplishments all over              again?

until next time, ciao =)

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June 11, 2009 at 9:53 am (Uncategorized)

siiiiigh!! wow! its been an intense 4 days previously.. really, i only came home to sleep throughout those days cos the remaining hours were taken up by a student leadership and development program i’d enrolled into called ‘zenith’. i can sum up the activities of those days in just two words — truly amazing! =) every and any perspective with regards to finding ure inner self, coping with failure, leadership, development, discovering ure potential and a host of other issues was discussed during those 4 days.. (i have to admit, at the end of each day my head used to be reeling with all the information i recieved from all the workshops and lecture sessions; so much so dat half the time i wud just zone out – had a hard time convincing my mom dat i wasn’t using this program to get up to no good….. the term ‘zenith’ can be misleading if you know what i mean =P). Fortunately overwhelming participants with massive information covering every viewpoint of a particular issue wasn’t the only thing the zenith team were in charge of. we had tons of other activities, the purpose of each being getting to know one’s team mates really well. there was human chain, pop the balloons, this blindfolding game wich i dont remember the name of and numerous others. one game in particular threatened to upset my lifelong effort to not make a complete fool out of myself in front of a maximum audience..(hmph, as if i had enough luck with that as it is.. *rolls eyes*). the game involved each of us giving up our left shoe to the team who proceeded to collect all of them and dump them in the basement. At the sound of the whistle, all of us had to run towards the basement, find our shoe, stop any rival team member from getting theirs,(which was the most fun part of it all by the way =P) and get back to the auditorium before anybody else did. Imagine my surprise when i couldn’t find my shoe ANYWHERE!! i mean, there i was, searching every nook and cranny for anything dat remotely resembled my shoe, meanwhile walking funny which gave the cleaners and guards present there a good laugh. now u needn’t worry, i in fact did not end up going home left barefoot that night. it turned out that my other team members were so intent on winning that not only did they manage to bring their own shoe back, they brought the rest of the team’s shoes back as well. dat takes teamwork to a whole new level doesnt it? 😉

other than the activities mentioned above, there was also a scavenger hunt where we had to find the most ridiculous things one could imagine, for example 5 things starting with the letter ‘n’, a picture of a teammate braiding another person’s hair, a picture of 6 members sharing a soda, and God knows what else. of course what’s a scavenger hunt without any hurdles rite? the zenith team had very carefully and shrewdly placed their team members at certain points of the campus who claimed to know the answers to some of the questions asked in the list we were given, but of course the answers were given at a certain price..( tsk tsk! shame! utter shame! *shakes head*). but of course it was all for the sake of fun and i must say we did a pretty good job considering we missed just a handful of items on the list and that too in record timing. well done team! =)

i also saw this program as an opportunity to get rid of my lifelong phobia of stage fright which has been with me since God knows when. in between lectures and sessions, we would get around 10 to 15 minutes free in which the zenith team would improvise by asking one of the people from the audience to come up on stage and entertain the rest. at one of these times i raised my hand and before i even had a chance to think twice about what i was doing, i found myself walking towards the stage and being handed over the microphone. i sang ‘aankhein milane wale’ by nazia hassan. (yea cheesy i know, but u try coming up with a good song while at least a hundred pairs of eyes are staring back at you!).. i must say, either it was the air-conditioning in the auditorium or the fact that the exposure to so many people talking about so many different things had affected the participants’ brain cells, but i got an amazing response from most of the people present there that day. Even the president of the society who arranged the event (who i know from school, by the way =P) exclaimed, “where did u find such a nice voice??” so yea, i guess that day was a good day for me. =D

unfortunately my sense of achievement proved to be short-lived as i found out that one of the events that was a part of the entire program was sports day. now i have had a love-hate relationship with sports my whole life; whenever i would exhibit the slightest bit of talent in any sport, i would feel as if i was on top of the world. otherwise it would usually involve me falling flat on my face…..literally.(and no, i shall NOT go into details). the sports day included a relay race and tug of war among others; both which i participated in and BOTH which my team lost. (i forgot to mention, my bad luck with sports seems to affect others around me… very dangerous condition, especially if those around me happen to be very ambitious). But it was enjoyable all the same and although it did involve quite a few people suffering certain scrapes and bruises (one guy in my team bruised his face in the human wheelbarrow race by smacking his face against the cement…ouch!), everybody in the end left quite happy.

finally i have to say the best part of the entire program was its closing ceremony. no, not because it ended (although for most people that was the most attractive incentive) but because the zenith team decided to end the program in style.. by hosting a dinner in honour of all the teams participating and keeping a 70s theme. i swear, i have never seen so many colors and so much shimmer in one place. From loud t-shirts to huge sunglasses, from shimmery eye makeup to rainbow-striped pants, it seemed as if the participants left no stone unturned. its amazing how much stuff comes out from the farthest corners of your wardrobe closet. =D part of the closing ceremony involved a workshop on ‘dining etiquettes’ for which i was probably the only one who was attentive. by that time, most of the people were exhausted and hungry which made them restless. my team members complained whenever i would shush them into submission…(now now fellas, if you had a mother like mine, you would listen intently too). anyways as with most gatherings, time seemed to fly by and before any of us could realise, it was 12:00 a.m. Many people started to head home, including us. on the way we met the vice president of the society and thanked him for the experience to which he replied: “hope to see you again next year!”

hmmmmm…..have to think about that. =P

until next time, ciao! =)

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Bhoot Bangla

June 4, 2009 at 8:23 pm (Uncategorized)

it was just one of those days where i had nothing to do but watch TV (which itself had nothing to offer by the way). Sick of the monotonous game shows, soaps and insipid movies i kept surfing through channels wen i managed to stumble upon a show airing on Star World called ‘T.A.P.S’..(dont ask me wat it stands for). Like in every other episode of their show, the T.A.P.S team had to investigate the strange goings on and things that go bump in the nite at a particular hotel. Something about that show sent me travelling down memory lane to the time wen i went with a group of my friends to Funland (back wen it was worth going to)  and encountered a ‘Bhoot Bangla’ amidst all other attractions present in the amusement park.

it was one of those times wen we’d become spontaneous (or ‘stupid’, ‘imbeciles’..take your pick) and do sumthing completely unconventional, unexpected or unorthodox…..no,no, not bungee jumping or anything like that; but close. =P. all of us were bored wid our mundane activities wen one of my friends exclaimed: “hey! lets go to funland!” and before anybody cud object, all of us were packed in a car n were on our way to the amusement park. now dont get me wrong; funland as an amusement park is not that bad – i mean, they’ve got rides like ferris wheels, roller coasters, dodge em cars, pirate ships etc. all in all a complete package of fun. its just dat over the years its become less n less of a family and friends oriented park and more of a weirdos-checking-out-women-as-if-they-had-x.ray-vision park, if u get my drift. so u can pretty much imagine how i and my female friends felt as we walked thru the gates; all kinds of tobacco-chewing, paan-spitting, oily-haired dirty men who ogled at us from all angles and looked like as if their eyes were about to pop out.  thankfully we had our guy friends wid us for protection. (now now fellas, u know dats not the only reason we keep u around, we really like u!…really. *innocent smile* =P) it was not long before one of my friends  noticed a makeshift tent wid a big sign over it which said, “Bhoot Bangla”. “wow! lets check this place out!” she said enthusiastically.(by the way, this was the same friend who suggested going to funland in the first place.. just in case u were wondering =P) Figuring we didnt have much to lose, we entered. At first glance, it seemed like an overgrown garden with leaves, flowers and all kinds of plants sprouting everywhere and anywhere they could find space. But then to the other side of the tent we noticed dat dat area was completely barren and had been crudely divided by bamboo sticks into two portions. It was these spaces we had to filter ourselves into; one space for girls while the other was reserved for guys. Utterly bewildered and wondering why on earth i allowed myself to get involved in this adventure in the first place, i then waited..(not exactly with bated breath) for wat was to happen next. Then within a few minutes, out of the corner of my left eye i saw a medium-height figure in wat seemed to a furry, tiger outfit..(or at least thats what i think it was) slinking towards us slowly, step by step. I remember exclaiming loudly, “YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!” Not to appear as someone who likes to show off the fact that they are aware of the American slang language, i was truly and honestly dumbfounded and expressed myself the only way i knew how; shock combined with scepticism. I watched, mouth agape, as the person in the ridiculous costume tried his level best to appear frightening and scary. i looked over at my male friends, expecting to find the same shocked expressions. To my surprise, i found them very amused with this new sight. they were actually cat calling the costumed figure in the hopes of instigating him into doing sum kind of action which they may find entertaining (guys…. HONESTLY!) Pretty soon, my scepticism seemed to dominate my emotional state of mind and i had just about made up my mind to leave the enclosure when suddenly….

…. ok now before i reveal wat catastrophy eventually unfolded, its important i describe the enclosure i was in, in more detail.  the segregation between guys and girls was solved through the erection of bamboo sticks. the only thing dat had made the spaces an ‘enclosure’ was the rope tied loosely at the front of the square of bamboo sticks. Considering how flimsy even these so-called ‘barriers’ were, i began to wonder about the usefulness of such ropes. i got my answer almost immediately…..

…… the costumed figure slided and slithered around until he reached our enclosure (dat is the female or the zanana en closure) where he stopped. Then suddenly and without warning he lunged out towards us, simultaneously leaning on the rope which was meant to support his entire weight as he swung across. the force of the movement gave him enough velocity to eventually reach within two inches of us..and enough scare to make us scream for our lives. Encouraged by this sudden development, he proceeded to try it again. the guys, momentarily stunned by the sudden change of events, managed to regain their composure and doubled their effort in trying to divert the supposed ‘bhoots’ attention towards themselves. The ‘bhoot’ eventually turned towards them (probably cos he was afraid they would complain to his manager for being sexist) and proceeded to do the exact same stunt, albeit wid a little less enthusiasm. But he was in for a rude surprise, cos as he swung towards them, the guys grabbed him by the arms and dragged him in! Obviously not expecting this, the ‘bhoot’ tried to make a run for it, but the guys kept pulling him in..eventually he succeeded and bolted for the exit. the entire process probably took around 15 minutes.

hmph, dat’l teach him for scaring the crap out of us poor females. =P

until next time (which is probably in the next four days cos im joining zenith wich is a student leadership and development program and which aims to work the crap outta us)..ciao! =)

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Mars Attacks!!

June 2, 2009 at 12:42 pm (Uncategorized)

hmmm wel seems like the enthusiasm for blogging is wearing off finally… its been,wat…4 or 5 days since my last post i think? tsk tsk, wat a shame. but leme have u know, i had a very valid reason to be ‘out of the scene’.. *looks around to make sure no one is listening and then whispers* …. i was reading the 3rd part of the Twilight series! …. ok, ok, maybe its not a very valid reason but before u launch into loud guffaws of laughter and start pointing fingers at me, let me tel u this… Edward Cullen is just absolutely divine! (yea, so m a romantic.. wat’re u gonna do abt it?? *malicious glare*) .. i mean, hes every girl’s dream man! (except for the part where hes a vampire..dat wud be..well..*shudder*) so wen ure caught up in the whirlwind of words wich describe a person to be on the pedestal of divinity then u tend to ignore stuff like blogging, calling up ure friends…going to the bathroom..etc. =P

anyways i was talking to a friend over the phone a few days bak n he told me of this news item wich was aired on Aaj TV about an extra terrestrial found in lahore…. wow, n to think dat the only things we were capable of were suicide bombings, talibanisation and sectarian killing.. this one surely takes the cake!

..it looks like one of those paper dolls if u ask me. but wat really interests me is the caption.. “4-inch alien found in lahore, pakistan – appears to be female”. hmmmm…now how did they determine dat?

until next time, ciao. =)

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