Bhoot Bangla

June 4, 2009 at 8:23 pm (Uncategorized)

it was just one of those days where i had nothing to do but watch TV (which itself had nothing to offer by the way). Sick of the monotonous game shows, soaps and insipid movies i kept surfing through channels wen i managed to stumble upon a show airing on Star World called ‘T.A.P.S’..(dont ask me wat it stands for). Like in every other episode of their show, the T.A.P.S team had to investigate the strange goings on and things that go bump in the nite at a particular hotel. Something about that show sent me travelling down memory lane to the time wen i went with a group of my friends to Funland (back wen it was worth going to)  and encountered a ‘Bhoot Bangla’ amidst all other attractions present in the amusement park.

it was one of those times wen we’d become spontaneous (or ‘stupid’, ‘imbeciles’..take your pick) and do sumthing completely unconventional, unexpected or unorthodox…,no, not bungee jumping or anything like that; but close. =P. all of us were bored wid our mundane activities wen one of my friends exclaimed: “hey! lets go to funland!” and before anybody cud object, all of us were packed in a car n were on our way to the amusement park. now dont get me wrong; funland as an amusement park is not that bad – i mean, they’ve got rides like ferris wheels, roller coasters, dodge em cars, pirate ships etc. all in all a complete package of fun. its just dat over the years its become less n less of a family and friends oriented park and more of a weirdos-checking-out-women-as-if-they-had-x.ray-vision park, if u get my drift. so u can pretty much imagine how i and my female friends felt as we walked thru the gates; all kinds of tobacco-chewing, paan-spitting, oily-haired dirty men who ogled at us from all angles and looked like as if their eyes were about to pop out.  thankfully we had our guy friends wid us for protection. (now now fellas, u know dats not the only reason we keep u around, we really like u!…really. *innocent smile* =P) it was not long before one of my friends  noticed a makeshift tent wid a big sign over it which said, “Bhoot Bangla”. “wow! lets check this place out!” she said enthusiastically.(by the way, this was the same friend who suggested going to funland in the first place.. just in case u were wondering =P) Figuring we didnt have much to lose, we entered. At first glance, it seemed like an overgrown garden with leaves, flowers and all kinds of plants sprouting everywhere and anywhere they could find space. But then to the other side of the tent we noticed dat dat area was completely barren and had been crudely divided by bamboo sticks into two portions. It was these spaces we had to filter ourselves into; one space for girls while the other was reserved for guys. Utterly bewildered and wondering why on earth i allowed myself to get involved in this adventure in the first place, i then waited..(not exactly with bated breath) for wat was to happen next. Then within a few minutes, out of the corner of my left eye i saw a medium-height figure in wat seemed to a furry, tiger outfit..(or at least thats what i think it was) slinking towards us slowly, step by step. I remember exclaiming loudly, “YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!” Not to appear as someone who likes to show off the fact that they are aware of the American slang language, i was truly and honestly dumbfounded and expressed myself the only way i knew how; shock combined with scepticism. I watched, mouth agape, as the person in the ridiculous costume tried his level best to appear frightening and scary. i looked over at my male friends, expecting to find the same shocked expressions. To my surprise, i found them very amused with this new sight. they were actually cat calling the costumed figure in the hopes of instigating him into doing sum kind of action which they may find entertaining (guys…. HONESTLY!) Pretty soon, my scepticism seemed to dominate my emotional state of mind and i had just about made up my mind to leave the enclosure when suddenly….

…. ok now before i reveal wat catastrophy eventually unfolded, its important i describe the enclosure i was in, in more detail.  the segregation between guys and girls was solved through the erection of bamboo sticks. the only thing dat had made the spaces an ‘enclosure’ was the rope tied loosely at the front of the square of bamboo sticks. Considering how flimsy even these so-called ‘barriers’ were, i began to wonder about the usefulness of such ropes. i got my answer almost immediately…..

…… the costumed figure slided and slithered around until he reached our enclosure (dat is the female or the zanana en closure) where he stopped. Then suddenly and without warning he lunged out towards us, simultaneously leaning on the rope which was meant to support his entire weight as he swung across. the force of the movement gave him enough velocity to eventually reach within two inches of us..and enough scare to make us scream for our lives. Encouraged by this sudden development, he proceeded to try it again. the guys, momentarily stunned by the sudden change of events, managed to regain their composure and doubled their effort in trying to divert the supposed ‘bhoots’ attention towards themselves. The ‘bhoot’ eventually turned towards them (probably cos he was afraid they would complain to his manager for being sexist) and proceeded to do the exact same stunt, albeit wid a little less enthusiasm. But he was in for a rude surprise, cos as he swung towards them, the guys grabbed him by the arms and dragged him in! Obviously not expecting this, the ‘bhoot’ tried to make a run for it, but the guys kept pulling him in..eventually he succeeded and bolted for the exit. the entire process probably took around 15 minutes.

hmph, dat’l teach him for scaring the crap out of us poor females. =P

until next time (which is probably in the next four days cos im joining zenith wich is a student leadership and development program and which aims to work the crap outta us)..ciao! =)



  1. Mehreen said,

    hahaha i’m sorry, that is TOTALLY the only reason why i keep guys around 😛 (and i tell them i’m using them too, but hey, at least i’m frank about it :P)

    • mahrukhh said,

      lolz! ahh..honesty can be so refreshing sumtimes.. =P

  2. Saadi said,


    LOL u went to hill park 😀

    and u had guys tht held the bhoots arms…lol…lol…lol..

    • mahrukhh said,

      ahem…. it was funland. n i know, dat was jus so gay. =P

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