June 23, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Uncategorized)

WHEW!! wow its been AGES since i last posted something here! (hehe i almost forgot how to sign in but i managed to retrieve the correct information from the far reaching corners of my rusty memory =P)

yea wel like always this time i have a perfectly legitimate and valid reason for vanishing into the ether… remember the time when i emphasized how everybody around me seems to be taking advantage of my supposed ‘babysitter qualities’ and thus very conveniently dumping their offspring on me? yes well that situation jumped up a notch recently to include adults as well..yes you read correctly.. i inevitably found myself running to and from the kitchen preparing the first of endless rounds of tea while simultaneously playing hide n go seek with my 9 year old cousin. (my future mother-in-laws gonna be sooo proud of me…*shudder*). so as a result i did not get to see my old friend Mr. Laptop until today..(oh it was fun! we chatted about how we’d been over the past few days; i narrated how i had been busy with family, Mr. Laptop complained about his living conditions in the closet which was continously plagued by lizards and termites…pretty constructive.)

anyways today was one of those days where when you have nothing to do so time deliberately slows down. my summer semester at universitys started so today was my 3rd class of strategic management (yea times THAT slow, can you believe it?) the teacher was yapping away as usual and as it is my mind doesn’t need much excuse to wander so this was like a free license for my imagination to go wild. its amazing the kinds of random stuff that enters your mind when you’re idle; certain issues that shouldn’t be called issues because, well they’re just not that serious but they still do affect your life in such a way that you do tend to wonder…WHY this particular thing happened? so without further ado, i present to you the WHYS of my life. enjoy. =)

the WHYS of my life:

  1. WHY does the water always run out when i take a shower?
  2. WHY does the milk always finish when i have to eat cereal?
  3. WHY are kids today getting their first cell phones at the age of 13 while i got mine at the age of 19?
  4. WHY is everything on Geo News “Breaking News”?
  5. WHY do mobile phone network  companies rely on song and dance to convey their message in an advertisment?
  6. WHY do most police officers have a large belly?
  7. WHY is it that when political leaders go to India, its called a ‘recreation trip’ whereas when they come to Pakistan, its called an ‘official visit’?
  8. WHY does the ‘ D’  of  ‘Disney’ look like a ‘G’?
  9. WHY does Emraan Hashmi star in movies that include nudity?
  10. WHY is it that when you offer your teaching services to a fellow student that @%#?! person ends up with a better grade than you?
  11. WHY are people so eager to come on TV shows like ‘Maachis’ to just scream at each other?
  12. WHY can’t people who call on a local radio channel get the hint and refrain from calling their aunt’s niece’s husband’s cousin’s daughter-in-laws sister on the phone to talk to the RJ?
  13. WHY is it that now that all the roads of Karachi are equipped with the ‘latest’ drainage system after much painstaking efforts (on our part)… it doesn’t rain anymore?
  14. WHY is it that when people say ‘lahore lahore hai’ it sounds ok but when they try to say ‘karachi karachi hai’ it just sounds weird?

and now for my favourite…. *drumroll*…..

15. WHY do certain people after travelling the entire world and achieving so much decide to devote the rest of       their lives towards ‘teaching’ which basically means REMINDING students of his accomplishments all over              again?

until next time, ciao =)



  1. Faizan Baloch said,

    dude I think you need a break and consultancy of a good psychiatrist 🙂

    • mahrukhh said,

      oh shut up. 😛

  2. maliha said,

    theres another question related to ur last question:
    WHY would anyone tune down his lifestyle from a BMW to a CITY ( i mean a CITY! not even Accord:P:P)

    • mahrukhh said,

      lolz! nah man, its a HUGE sacrifice in the name of the economy. in fact, MONUMENTAL! =P

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