June 26, 2009 at 6:35 pm (Uncategorized)

this is wat was pasted all over the news channels, whether local or international. to say the very least, its shocking. i mean woke up to about 12 text messages on my cell phone, screaming the same thing: Michael Jackson is dead. to tell you the truth it feels…… weird. i mean i’d gotten used to images of him that kept springing up in the media from time to time. as far as im concerned im gonna miss alot of things about him; his dance moves, his..ahem, appearance.

yup, sure as hell wont forget that for a while. =Pyup, sure as hell wont forget that for a while. =P

ok seriously speaking, its a huge loss. the music industry would not be what it is today if it hadn’t been for Michael Jackson.  His contributions are phenomenal. so he will be sorely missed.

sigh in other news, weather in karachi has been moderately pleasant. monsoon seasons finally here so better get ure raincoat out. hehe kinda reminds me of the time my cousin was musing about the way us karachiites make such a big deal about rain here. she lives in singapore where it rains practically every 5 minutes (in fact the weathers so messed up dat if u look out ure window on one side, u’l see its raining while at the other window it’l be sunny. =S)  it was then we wondered what it would be like if a bunch of pakistanis lived in singapore for a while….

as soon as the first drops of rain hit the ground, a rumbling sound is heard from all four corners of the street. Pedestrians look around in alarm, wondering at the source of the sound. the rumbling grows louder and louder; the people become frightened, a woman screams. suddenly…………..a group of brown skinned people appear, shouting in glee and begin to dance, jump in the puddles and throw water at each other!

heheh the poor singaporeans wont know wat they’ve bargained for. =P

anyways heres a video of one of the live performances of michael jackson for his song ‘dangerous’. loved it! enjoy! =)

until next time ciao! =) *moonwalks out of the room*



  1. saadi said,

    n the brown skinned ppl wud also get daikchis out to collect water

  2. mahrukhh said,

    lolz! siigh yup dat wud be a lasting impession.=P

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