July 1, 2009 at 12:43 pm (Uncategorized)

nowadays i’ve likened myself to the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. you know, the scene where shes doused with a bucket of water after which she screams in agony: “i’m melting! MELTIIIIINNNGGGG!!!” (of course considering the weather we’re having to put up with nowadays, i wouldn’t mind a bucket of water doused on me)

im guessing the news channels aren’t coming up with alot to report nowadays, which is forcing them to fall back on news items that wouldn’t normally get that much airtime. take for example, a scene from an interview in which a fly was swatted by Barack Obama. i mean, that fly could not have hoped for more fame and celebrity status in any other circumstance. all the flies of the Fly Kingdom must’ve come together in complete sobriety and given a tribute to the brave fly who stood up against the most powerful man in the world and died in its mission. then they must’ve held a press conference where they might’ve asked the public to respect their privacy and to let them grieve in peace. considering the amount of coverage that one incident got, that somehow suddenly doesn’t seem that unbelievable. 😛

by the way, heres something to make us Pakistanis feel better about our local film industry (yes yes, its possible! :P) just the other day my dad was watching a movie called ‘Chachi 420’ (yea, and you thought there couldn’t have been a more worse title of a movie than ‘Gujjar Badmash’…. you naive person you :P) which, by the way, happens to be a rip off of the Robin Williams movie ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. My thoughts went back to the time when the Indian movie ‘Partner’ came out and how it was received. i mean, sure our films scripts are pretty cliche`, combined with implausible action sequences, vulgar dance moves and overacting to the extreme (am i forgetting something?) the state of affairs is pretty appalling. but at least we can complain that our stories are ORIGINAL!! (except for the fact that we’re relying on the same formula of either rich-girl-meets-poor-boy-and-they-fall-in-love themes or heros-entire-family-gets-killed-and-he-grows-up-to-avenge-their-deaths themes since time immemorial but dats besides the point! :P)

most indian movies lack originality. at long last there came an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago which said that the big guns of hollywood had FINALLY taken notice of the fact that too many of their films were being picked up, packaged in traditional indian fashion and sold to the indian moviegoer audience. hmph! ABOUT TIME! i mean where were they all this time?? i was wondering how the indian film industry was managing to stay afloat all this time; after this article i realised it was because Hollywood was busy too sue their butts off! (and the fact that the indian audience was soo stupid that they didnt realise they were being swindled out of their own money!) i mean, honestly how on earth did these indian directors and producers make such movies?? the director of , say, ‘Partner’ must’ve called everybody over to the set and then put on the ‘Hitch’ dvd, after which he must’ve faced the crew and said: “yea so you got to see all the scenes right? ok soo…do whatever these guys did. i’l be in my trailer.” i’l bet they didnt have any spots open for screenplay writers but instead for translators whose job criteria was to watch the movie ‘Hitch’ with utmost attention and translate each and every word! 😀

anyways i shall leave you forthwith with this animation video which makes fun of the spiderman 3 movie. enjoy!

until next time, ciao. 🙂


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