wimbledon!! *hits self with racket*

July 4, 2009 at 3:39 pm (Uncategorized)

people ask me how i find the time to maintain blogs and wonder why on earth i choose such a thing as blogging to occupy my free time. well my answer to them is………………………….have u seen the latest transformers movie??

=P no seriously i blog cos i love to write. n its not just abt boring ppl to death by telling them wat my daily schedule is; this is more of a launchpad towards other things… great things…*awe-inspiring music playing in the background* …. things that make me realise my full potential… things that give me the opportunity to make a difference in my society, my country, and the WORLD!! *maniacal grin*

hmmmm, i think i shud just stick to the ‘boring ppl to death’ excuse. =P

ow! my rite arm hurts so much i can barely type. yesterday i went to play badminton wid a couple of friends at karachi gymkhana. ironically wen we first started, we were comparing with each other how long its been since we last played badminton at all. by the end of the day, the comparison had shifted to ‘who plays better than the rest’! =P a funny thing happened in the middle of the game; the top part of my racket came off! i mean, literally it just separated itself from the handle! thankfully i wasn’t in the middle of a serve or anything otherwise things could’ve turned pretty ugly.

“oh man! im all charged up now! *hits shuttlecock with racket*

*racket top shoots ahead and busts the opponents nose*

“oh dear” *puts the remaining handle down and slowly creeps out of the court*

hehe yea it would’ve been like one of those funny sports accidents only it would’ve involved alot more blood..and,uh…broken bones…*shudder*

i didnt realise how out of shape i really was until the next day. my entire body ached and i had sore spots in a number of places. of course dat didnt stop me from gobbling down a kitkat chunky bar. it acted like a soothing balm applied to all the rite places. mmmm! =P

anyways, i was watching the ladies final of wimbledon played between serena and venus williams. not undermining the fact dat both sisters are fantastic players the world of tennis has ever seen, the match somehow seemed….. rigged. i mean, venus was being unusually sluggish while serena was at the top of her game.. altho venus was careful not to trail too far behind but just abt. i stopped watching the match for this reason cos i felt disgusted (and cos my dad had taken the remote control from me and before i could protest, had promptly silenced me with a menacing glare). its also been said that the father of both sisters already knows whos going to win between the two.

Dad: “ok venus, u’ve been doing really well lately and im proud of you… but this time, im gonna have to ask u to give your sister a chance.”

Venus: “wat?? why?? no! NO! (whining) u ALWAYS do this to me! she ALWAYS gets wat she wants! i hate her!”

Dad: “now honey, wat have i taught you?”

Venus (resigned voice): “sigh….. dat we must always look out for each other”

Dad: “dats rite. dats the williams way. n dont forget, ure happiness is in ure sisters victory.”

Venus: “ure rite dad, im sorry. i’l do wat u say.”

Dad: “dats my girl!” (proudly walks away)

Venus (in an undertone): “brat.”

until next time, ciao. =)


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