July 17, 2009 at 3:03 pm (Uncategorized)

YESSS!!! im BACK alll!!! (to laptop: “oh honey i missed u so much!!” *big slobbery kiss*).. after much craziness in the past week ( sum family related issues, other dumb issues) im FINALLY back in the blogging business!

anyway during my immensely long hiatus, i noticed quite a few things dat i hadn’t noticed before. firstly, my yearning to try out new things n conquer my fear in certain areas (as opposed to slinking away into a corner n pray dat the ground just swallow me up widout a trace), dat the weather in karachi is ALOT better thn the weather in lahore (*points finger* HA! *single raindrop splatters onto forehead*) n dat more n more GUYS my age r tying the knot. hmmmmm…. is this one of those signs of Judgement Day approaching? dat girls are becoming more career oriented n marrying late while guys are becoming more eager to ‘settle down’? not become all ‘homey’ but live the family life? i mean, you can easily tell the difference between the responses of girls and guys wen touching upon such a subject. wen u ask a girl wat her future plans are, her replies are mostly: “oh yea well i plan to do my masters” or “oh yea i plan to work” or even “i plan to take a fashion designing course in the hopes of opening my own studio sumday”. with sum guys, however, its a completely matter….

(n i stress on the word ‘sum’  in case one of u gets all touchy n goes like ‘OY!’ as if im attacking ure manhood in sum way, cos im in NO way stereotyping.. this is my personal observation of a few guys  i know. satisfied? gud. =) now lets move on)…

Sum of the guys i’ve spoken to are like: ” oh well i do plan to work, but im also getting married/nikhah-o-fied/engaged/rishta pakko-fied by the end of this month so naturally i’l need to work in order to make myself financially stable enuf to support my family”….. hmmm, spoken like a true family man. any takers ladies?

now dont get me wrong… if these are the paths chosen by either gender thn so be it, who am i to argue? although i can only imagine wat the poor mothers must go through in such kinds of predicaments. the guy who wants to get married will obviously want to get married to girls who are younger thn thm, plus well educated and whose overall compatibility matches theirs. however the girl would have no desire to settle down so early, specially wen her career is about to take off and wen there are so many opportunities just waiting to be availed. the guys mom will be frustrated cos no girl younger thn her darling boy would be willing to tie the knot (and this is especially true of those poor souls whose sons say: “ammi, jo aapki pasand ho, meray liye wohi theek hai.” ) whereas the girls mother would be ready to pull all her hair out cos firstly her daughters not ready to ‘sacrifice’ her career just yet and secondly as she gets older, all the potential guys who are in their late 20s or early 30s who prove to be a compatible match turn out to be married!!

sigh, wat a predicament indeed. well, never underestimate the mommys i always say… they’l always find a way out of every mess. right mom? =P

until next time, ciao. =)


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  1. Saadi said,

    Mummy to Saadi “Which one of these girls do you like” *Going thru facebuk piks*

    Saadi “None of them”

    Mummy “Pick one already…Im sure one of them is you girl friend”

    Saaadi “Its a girl mom…not a motorcycle”

    Mummy “Finicky idiot….hmmph” =p

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