….and then, there was LIGHT!

July 22, 2009 at 8:32 pm (Uncategorized)

….. and the heavens burst forth with water anew; drenching the landscape with raindrops shaped as pearls and showering every creation, manmade or natural, as far as the naked eye could see, thus enabling them to shed their rusty facade brought upon by years of neglect and embrace a new, clear and crystalline appearance, all standing tall  stretching beyond the horizon……

…. well it was either that or God forgot to turn off the tap which was supposed to fill up His massive swimming pool. =P

Man, that day was sum crazy day.. rainfall in torrents and a whipping breeze… so much so that many houses were flooded overnite! take a drive across the Seaview area and you’l see scores of buildings balconies decked with rugs, bedsheets, mickey mouse floor mats, u name it. news of people losing their cool and pouring out onto the street to vent their frustration and anger started circulating; riots were breaking out everywhere, buildings were being damaged ( i heard sumone sumwhere had damaged a KFC outlet…. AGAIN! man, people must really hate their menu)…. in short, the city had gone mad. of course u must’ve guessed who the target of all this disturbance was…. yup, KESC officials had a field day playing hide n go seek with angry mobs situated in different corners of the city. people even started giving euphemisms for KESC… sum came up with ‘Karachi Electric Sucking Corporation’, yet another came up with ‘Kabhi Kabhi Electric Supply Corporation’. whether u want to admit it or not, KESC had become the donkey upon wich everybody not only wanted to pin the tail but also throw arrows aflame with fire at.

of course i sympathised with the public mostly… we were without electricity for almost 3 days consecutively. had it not been for our faithful generator, i would’ve certainly been among the first rioters to throw a rock at a KESC office window. yet we still had power thankfully so it was relatively easy to get by. ironically, considering we had no electricity, no cable and no water, the only thing that was working was the internet! so yea, while others were draining their houses of rainwater, i was gliding through  cyberspace. (hehehe, beat that Rhode Island) sigh, my nation tends to surprise me at times.

anyways now that everythings back to normal (the roads are clear, the scorching suns back in the sky, my allergy kicking in) im sure all of us will look back on the previous days and smile…… NOT! =P

hey check out this video…. its really apt considering the rain craziness we had to go thru previously.

until next time, ciao. =)

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