Timecheck! *ting!*

July 30, 2009 at 6:05 pm (Uncategorized)

i’ve finally been able to determine the purpose of all these student development programs that have sprung up left, rite and centre….

Objective No. 1:

‘to keep students on their toes at ALL times‘ (such that they’re forced to watch their backs every minute for fear of an organising member recording the minute they fall flat on their faces)

Objective No. 2:

‘to give students virtually insurmountable challenges to accomplish’ (to the point that they feel like banging their heads against the wall in the hopes of getting a spark of creativity)

Objective No. 3:

‘to squeeze every atom of energy from every student such that it may take days to recover’ (during wich students may walk around in a zombie-like state or in sum cases even sleepwalk)

i recently took part in my university’s first ever model united nations simulated conference program in the hopes that i wud gain some valuable experience and be able to wow the judges wid my infectious enthusiasm and self-confidence (well it was either that or i had suffered a temporary lapse of sanity and willingly agreed to make a complete fool outta myself!). the idea of the program was to divide all students into groups representing different countries which were meant to interact with each other on a variety of issues. the following four days of sessions were memorable in every way…. either in terms of certain points raised (“honourable chair, the quality of children born is declining due to the lack of effort on the part of the husband” and “i would like somebody to moderate my caucus”) to brief entertainment sessions (arm wrestling matches, dissing other delegates) and then of course the ‘Asian Village’ (dances to ‘Bibi Shireen’, kabbadi matches, saddams execution, hitting bush with shoes, afghan men torturing their women, a hindu wedding). mixed feelings of relief accompanied with nostalgia filled me as i left the auditorium today – relief at the fact that i wont b getting by wid jus 3-4 hours of sleep combined with massive info overload of statistics,facts and figures anymore and nostalgia at the fact that time jus flew by and it all came to an end all too soon.

anyways, im back to my whining mode again…. today im whining about the immense number of brain-numbing advertisements that we’re constantly subjected to day in and day out. i mean, c’mon man… its become virtually impossible to watch a movie with ease on worldcall anymore. its like watching a 20 min movie within 40 min of ads. and the KIND of ads!! allow to me to demonstrate….ahem..“this timecheck was brought to you by ‘Fit raho’ weight control pills – aap ke motaapey ka aasaani se khaatma! na exercise ka jhunjhat, na dieting ka masla.. ‘Fit raho’ pills; nayi zindagi apnayein” and “Brido Facial Cream – aap ki zindagi sawar jaye aur aap ko gore pan ka jadoo dikhaye!” ( picture of the bride standing in front of a fake taj mahal). and the worst part is that this nuisance isn’t just limited to television, its widespread over radio channels as well! getting to hear my favorite song has become somewhat of a distant memory as far as im concerned; in order to please their sponsors, some radio channels actually begin to play the advertisement track in the middle of the song!!

oh well, having said that i guess i’d better go now…. hve to put a lid on dat imbecile ali zafar and his stupid jazz ad, its driving me crazy.

until next time, ciao. =)

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