August 5, 2009 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

its kind of funny the kind of news items u run into…. just wen you’re about to reach the conclusion that the world couldn’t get any weirder, another piece of information not only hits you in the head but also manages to leave a mark.its sort of like, going for tennis practice wid a badminton racket only to find that the rest of their players have brought their table tennis rackets. (ok that was completely random! =p)

the other day i was scanning through the newspaper (just in case my parents launched into another lecture on how important it is to be aware of current events; hence, scanning =P) when i came across a news item whose headline stated:

‘Chinese astronauts not allowed to come on space mission on account of bad breath’

yup, you read correctly. apparently if you possess any form of body odour you’re not allowed to accompany the rest of the team on the shuttle. mainly the safety and preferences of the other astronauts are taken into consideration for this… i dont blame them actually. i mean body odour is not exactly most people would welcome, specially in a place as closed as a space shuttle. (clawing at the windows to escape the smell and then dying of suffocation is more like it. =P)

but believe it or not, there’s more! apart from going through a strict procedure of measuring the strength and health of the applicants, another very important criteria is… believe it or not, the astronauts WIVES! until and unless the wife of the astronaut applying in question does not get the green signal to go ahead, the astronaut cannot take part in the mission. talk abt womens rights huh? =P (husband:“aww honeyyy!! u can’t DO this to me!! i’ve been preparing for this for months!! why won’t you let me go??” wife:“Because i dont trust you. You’re always looking for a reason to leave me so if a martian supermodel comes upto you and asks you to take her out on a date, who’s gonna stop you??

oooh here’s another news item i came across…. talking robots who are able to cure people suffering from psychological and mental diseases by cooking and dancing to michael jackson’s tunes. =O now who would’ve thot? The Japanese (its ALWAYS the japanese, ALWAYS!) have developed a one of a kind robot who is able to properly interact with humans and who would prove to be a better companion than a dog (yup sorry poochie, but ure days are numbered). and i guess the singing and dancing to michael jackson tunes is pretty apt considering the recent demise of the pop legend. lets just hope it doesnt start develop a feathery voice, grows white and begins to indulge in massive cosmetic surgeries such as botoxes and face lifts. =P

anyways im off. heres to having a good week, thanking God i salvaged my reputation as an above average student in sales and hoping that i manage to survive the barrage of  mehndi and dholki invites in the coming month. *clink of glasses*

until next time, ciao. =)


  1. sara said,

    lol! dude which newspaper had this news? i mean i can only expect to find such news in local newspapers sold at tram links!

    • mahrukhh said,

      heheh wud u believe it? it was DAWN newspaper!! u know wen ure browsing thru the international pages… dats where i found these news items.

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