mehndi mania

August 7, 2009 at 9:55 am (Uncategorized)

man, talk abt down in the dumps. remember how i was so happy abt scraping through my sales midterm not only unscathed but wid flying colors? yea well it turns out………. I WAS FRIGGING LIED TO!! imagine how stupid i must’ve looked jumping wid glee over wat i thot was gud news but wat eventually turned out to be a load of crap. now why wud anyone do dat?? dont they know how de-motivating dat can be? its like launching into the air in a hot balloon but thn having sum sick freak throw spears at it. sigh.

oh well onto other news…. recently i’d gone to a friend’s sister’s mehndi (yup talk abt long distance.. but dats how it is here in pakistan; even if u go attend ure brother’s in-laws 4th cousins wedding nobody will think ure outta place). the wedding season has started somewhat early in the year this time, which is good for some people cos neither will they hve to worry abt their make up melting (in the case of ladies) or their shirt getting soiled up with sweat (in the case of gents) cos of the weather being really nice; nor will they hve to worry abt their teeth falling off due to all its chattering as is pretty common during winters. other than dat the nature of it is pretty much the same; bright colors, laughing faces, loud dance music, aunties dressed in fashions half their age… etc.

but one other event took place at this particular mehndi which by far stood out from the rest (at least for us =p) and which can be qualified as the first of its kind. so here’s what happened: we were all sitting at one of the tables placed in the hall (or garden or watever), passing the time leading to the arrival of the barat by chatting with each other (by the way, this was like, one of the very rare and few punctual mehndis i’ve ever seen; the entire scene was wrapped up by 12:45, wich in this part of the world is UNHEARD OF!!). now each table had a massive pedestal fan located near it; u know, the huge kind… the kind which threaten to chop your hand off if you get too close and which u can use also use as a propellor for a tiny boat =S. two of my friends were standing talking to each other, one of them dangerously close to one of these gigantic fans. what happened next is something nobody expected:


6 heads swerved in the same direction where the weird noise had come from only to find this:



THE FREAKING THING ATE UP HER DUPATTAA!!! =O the poor thing herself was in a state of shock. the nature of the incident combined with the fact that she suddenly found herself MINUS a dupatta was a bit unnerving as i could tell from the expression on her face. for the rest however, it proved to be the highlight of the evening. as if guided by instinct, almost everybody took out their digital cameras/camera phones and started clicking away! (myself included..=P… waaat??? my dupatta-less friend was assuring everyone that she was fine, despite every concerned look thrown her way so might as well take her word for it.) anyways it took the staff working there almost half an hour to unwind the dupatta from the fan. wen it finally did come out it was a bit greased but surprisingly in one piece. the rest of us took the opportunity to berate the host about the lack of arrangement and maintenance facilities (“you call this foolproof arrangement?! the next thing you know everybody will be sporting a french cut courtesy the maniacal pankha!!) but all the same in the end everybody got to have a good laugh.

*groan* have to go work on my SM report. stupid professor thinks just cos hes toured half the world and cut a few business deals that he has as much knowledge as the Dalai Lama. well he has another think coming….*rolls up sleeves and tucks an SM book under arm*

until next time, ciao. =)



  1. Nabeel said,

    Hi Marukh,

    I really enjoyed going through your blog and would like to suggest a few things to you, I `ll talk about it when we meet up.

    O and you should check this video out may be it will fascinate you to write something about it.

    • mahrukhh said,

      =O nabeel ovais giving me a compliment?? n above all dat, advice??? doth my eyes deceiveth me?? =P

    • mahrukhh said,

      heheh loved the video. dont know how i’l be able to center my next blog around it but i’l think of sumthing. =)

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