its just another manic mondayyy!!

August 11, 2009 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized)

i swear i think i shud hang a horse’s shoe over my wireless router and modem or burn green chillies next to it or something  cos it seems like, being the motor mouth that i am, i’ve unwittingly managed to cast a dark shadow over my internet connection over the past few days. it is taking soooooo long to connect and when it eventually does, the speed is at a snail’s pace. to top it all off, it stays connected for barely 5 min before vanishing once again into oblivion.(yea u can take bak your title, Rhode Island). so basically watever important work you had to do which involved going online (checking your mail, reviewing dat dodgy girl’s status updates on facebook) you had a time limit of 5 min combined with the difficulty of having to cope wid a slow internet speed… its like an internet obstacle race where not only are you certain that you aren’t gonna win but where the only consolation prize is working up a sweat to acquire something as crappy as ‘time management skills’.


sumtime back a friend suggested that i write abt the significance (or the lack of it) of  ‘mondays’ in everybody’s lives. since im aware of the impact of that particular day in most people’s lives, i decided to give it a try. therefore i present to you the top 5 characteristics of  ‘Mondays’. Love them, or hate them… you decide. =)

  1. For many people ‘mondays’ are resolution days… you know, like how many people make yearly resolutions? well, there are quite a few people (like yours truly) who make weekly resolutions, the implementation of which, we assure ourselves, will DEFINITELY be done from monday: “i’ll definitely get that report drafted on monday”; “i’ll definitely start reading the business pages of the newspaper everyday starting monday.” all it takes is a little dosage of friends, parties and the latest scandal on The Bold and the Beautiful to distract us from our commitments.
  2. For a large segment of the population (especially our generation of people) ‘mondays’ signal the arrival of something we’ve been dreading for a very long time….. WORK. No amount of groaning and moaning will delay the onslaught of the inevitable; that despite knowing we should’ve prepared for that quiz/worked for that report earlier, we obviously didnt.. ( “but MOOOMMMM!! Beverly Hills 90210 was on! Greg was about to tell Sally that hes GAY!”) and so we brace ourselves for the barrage of insults that shall be delivered to us courtesy our boss/professor (who’s an ass anyway).
  3. Forget friday the 13th…..some people label ‘mondays’ as their ‘bad luck’ days. It could either be the black cat which crosses their path every monday morning, it could be due to spilling salt every monday morning at breakfast or how that damn ladder is always standing near that impossible-to-cross puddle of mud every monday morning, forcing one to go under it. whatever the reason, these people refuse to budge from their beliefs; if your boss yelled at you for something you didn’t do, if you managed to spill coffee all over yourself  just as that cute sales executive who works on your floor enters your office or if you get splashed with mud as a sports car zooms by; then these people believe its cos Lady Luck decided to take the day off.
  4. Mondays are also the first day after a weekend during which you’ve done nothing except surf the web, talk on the phone for hours, watch movies and sleep like a drug addict. therefore its really hard to get bak into routine after such rigorous chilling (what?? that takes alot of work too!)
  5. If your birthday falls on a monday, God forbid, then you must be prepared for some major swindling, cake smearing and, in the case of guys, birthday bumps. Many people treat the birthday boy/girl as the guinea pig to vent all of their frustrations and grievances on… JUST BECAUSE its a monday! and mind you, this is not something to be taken lightly. they’ve had the entire weekend to think of different ways to make you regret why you didn’t just change your birthdate just this one time..

so there you have it…. 5 reasons why ‘monday’ leaves such an impact on all of our lives. its no wonder why the famous band of the 80s, the Bangles, came up with this song:

“its just another manic mondaayyyy!!

wish it was sundayyyy!!

but its just mondayyy!”

until next time, ciao. =)


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