Exam Treachery

August 19, 2009 at 7:09 am (Uncategorized)

i am the living example of the phrase, “ignorance is bliss“. considering i’ve got two exams scheduled for next week, i should be studying, nay, cramming for both but NOOOOOOOOOOO! in characteristic Mahrukh style, im acting as if my summer break has already started. (hence, the active online status). But then i thought before i vanish into the oblivion and hibernate for the next two weeks, i bid one last (temporary) adieu by talking about all things nonsensical. =P

ohh maan, i went to a mehndi last week and it was slightly different from the rest of the mehndis i’ve attended mainly because ALL the girls there were SUPER-HOT (and i mean that in a very straight way) thus giving me severe inferiority-complex and the dances were just AWESOME! i mean how many mehndis have you been to where there was a group of guys dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” ?? in fact, how many mehndis have you been to where there were guys who could dance AT ALL?? Well there can be only two words to describe my reaction; BLOWN AWAY! i mean, they were doing the steps in the EXACT manner as it was done in the video! THEY EVEN DANCED TO ONE REPUBLIC’S “APOLOGIZE”!! (hyperventilating). *takes deep breath* duuude i’ve decided… the main criteria for dancing at my mehndi will be to dance on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” i dont care. =P (prepare yourselves all =D)

awww man, already half the day’s gone. i guess i should really get back to studying. *sigh* what i wouldn’t give for Rita Skeeter’s quill which would know the answers beforehand and write itself? then again considering the vile nature of the quill, i have a feeling that the plan would backfire horribly.

anyways im off. see you later alligator; in a while crocodile… (and whatever parting messages you can think of =P)

until next time, ciao. =)



  1. mentosfreshmaker said,

    all of this sounds VERY familiar 😀

  2. mahrukhh said,

    HAI NA?? =P

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