Ban on Indian films in Pakistan — AGAIN!

August 30, 2009 at 12:53 pm (Uncategorized)

its funny how your mind tends to wander when you have more pressing issues to attend (hmmm, i don’t remember but i think it starts with an ‘E’ and involves writing like a maniac on paper..), but i guess its human nature to get distracted easily. in between paying more attention than was necessary to what people were wearing and noticing one-of-a-kind phrases etched on almost all the buses, rikshaws, tankers and motorcycles of the city (one motorbike in particular was sporting the phrase in bright red and in block letters, “DON’T TUCH ME!”…. yeah, im sure no one would wanna touch this guy with a ten-foot flagpole after reading this), i also came across a program being aired on Express News (anything to get away from studying right?). it was hosted by Mubashir Lucman and his guest on the show was none other than Shaan; the gandasa wielding king of Punjabi films. The topic of discussion was the banning of the release of Indian movies in Pakistan; apparently there’s been a lot of hullabulloo about it since the issue has been raised in the National Assembly by a minister.

i guess the only compliment i can give to Shaan here is that he was looking really good with his clear-cut shave and broad shoulders. other than that, he was reflecting just how low you can get to protect your bread and butter, or in this case; fancy sports cars, designer items and what not. When asked why he thought Indian films should be banned he replied: “Indian films are a threat to the values that we have been brought up with; the images of women scantily-clad and bearing their skin is something we should not encourage!”

……..uh huuuhhhh..riiiiiigghhtt. so that means that Shaan is considering himself to be the forerunner of the values we stand for. that means the images of a heavy set woman who is WAY beyond the age of acting as a lead heroine making ungainly moves in a way to seduce her lover (*shudder*) who, by the way, has his mouth set in a permanently fixed frown that makes him look constipated is a PERFECT representative example of our culture and value system. ohh yeaah riight. that makes a WHOLE lot of sense.

And it seemed that at that point, Shaan was just getting warmed up. He was consumed with his dislike (to put it mildly) for films coming from across the border. He began complaining about the lack of support he gets from the public for his movies: “People come up to me and they complain, ‘Why do you always star in Punjabi movies?’. i asked that person where he hailed from. He replied, ‘Punjab’. i then told him that i am making these movies for people like him. after all, if you don’t find anything Punjabi in the province of Punjab, how can it be called Punjab??”

ohhh i get it. so you’re making movies for the people of Punjab ONLY. so that means that the people belonging to the remaining provinces have absolutely no say in the matter of what they prefer to see or watch. oh and if you think this is what most Punjabis want out of their movie industry, then you have another think coming………..they’re just as embarrassed as the rest of us!!

probably the most annoying part of the entire show was the way the host was playing the role of ‘yes-man’ for his guest. He was agreeing with practically everything Shaan said. in fact he even had the audacity to tell off a caller for not appreciating Shaan’s views and to see a few Pakistani Punjabi movies himself!!

All i can say is that the media should re-think their stand on being the symbol of free expression, or better yet, hang up their prestigious title or trophy on a mantle, because this completely goes against what they claim to stand for. Freedom of expression is all about freedom of choice. If we claim to be a democracy, that means that each one of us as an individual is entitled to his/her own opinion and also has a right to choose. We watch most Indian movies because we like them for their stories, comedy, action sequences, etc. (although India too has its share of over-the-top, ridiculous, gravity-defying stunts). Enforcing a ban only shows how insecure the Pakistani film industry is and to give the pretext that certain Indian films are corrupting our value system while simultaneously our own films are enough to make even the most seasoned movie watcher bow down his head in shame, is not only absurd but laughable.

my opinion is that in order to safeguard our value system from these ‘threats’, first make our value system stronger. if the youth have stronger morals, values and regard for their culture inculcated in them then there would be no need to worry because they would be able to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. Secondly, it is important to take a good, long look at oneself before judging others.

i rest my case. =P

i rest my case. =P

until next time, ciao. =)



  1. mentosfreshmaker said,


    Now if only the pakistani film industry could get a grip on itself and churn out good movies, THEN who’d pay attn to bollywood? (we’re better looking anyways :P)

  2. mahrukhh said,

    lolz! oh dude ure SO rite! i mean the indian stars were goin ga-ga over our nations girls the last time they came to view the india-pakistan match. =P

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