Evil stepmother: “Who’s the fairest of them all? oh heck, i’ll just post it as a poll on Facebook.” =P

September 26, 2009 at 11:59 am (Uncategorized)


Social networking sites have now become a household name the world over. In fact, one cannot imagine the Internet without social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and Twitter. Gone are the times when the departure of a loved one or close friend to a far off place (more often the other side of the planet) would herald the end of a relationship or friendship due to lack of proper channels of communication except post (which we all know, in the case of Pakistan is very…ahem, ‘reliable’) and phone calls (which would cost an entire fortune for just one minute of talk time). Provided that both these means of communication have improved immensely over time, yet the convenience from communicating through social networking sites is unparalleled. All one has to do is create an account on one of these sites, search and add all close friends and family to their list of contacts and then type away! Geo-political borders disappear and people are allowed to interact comfortably as if they were sitting just rooms apart.

Communication is not the only thing that these sites are offering: Facebook has hundreds of applications or ‘apps’ as they’re more commonly known where users can either create their own virtual farm, take quizzes ranging from the best hairstyle to which ‘Friends’ character they most resemble, compete with each other in the mafia don arena on the basis of the most hits and kills and participate in best friends contests; Twitter allows users to express their views and opinions on a variety of issues and topics thus also creating room for discussion between like-minded individuals; Flickr is a site entirely devoted to movies where polls are created and posted, encouraging users to vote for their favorite movie, scene or dialogue. All of these are just a fraction of the services and entertainment facilities provided, thus people can rest assured that whatever time they’ll spend in front of the computer, it’ll be time well spent.

All the benefits and advantages of such sites notwithstanding, there have been certain problems associated with them, some minor, others major. Orkut suffered from some major privacy issues where users were bothered and pestered to no end by stalkers and perverts; also certain sites like Facebook and MySpace, although through no fault of their own, have been subjected to negative publicity because of certain incidents where teenagers have instigated each other with threats and accusations resulting in violent and tragic consequences.

On the lighter side though, they may be a source of entertainment for some and yet a nuisance for others. For example, on Facebook, the number of notifications about how many ‘ribbons’ a person has won or how many neighbors one has helped or how that person has been labeled a ‘Tree Hugger’ due to the maximum amount of trees that person has planted clutter your news feed to such a large extent that there’s no room left for anything else. The variety of quizzes that are created also tend to tickle your funny bone or drive you to the point of exasperation. Quizzes such as, “What Friends character are you?” or “If you looked just like your personality, what would you look like?” are just some of the examples. It is rather interesting to point out that the results for such quizzes are more or less the same; probably that’s the general motive behind such quizzes, to please the user to the point where he/she would tell all her friends about it and urge them to try it. Another quirky aspect of which, unfortunately, i am also a victim of is the ‘Add a Friend Syndrome’ (like the name? i just made it up! =P) Certain people feel that the best way to appear on the top in popularity polls is to add every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sally or Jane he/she may have come across or came even close to interacting with in his/her lifetime. This can be pretty misleading as the added friend in question may experience a sudden boost to his/her deflated self-esteem as he/she may think that if such a person decided to grace him/her with their presence then there must be something about him/her that it is worth celebrating about. It is only once the initial adrenaline and excitement has died down that one realizes that such was not the case; this normally results in further withdrawing into one’s shell or drowning one’s grief  with a bottle of Sprite or Pepsi (since we don’t serve wine around here =P)

In the end it depends on how you perceive it. The following video successfully managed to put forward a number of things which i found unnecessary or just plain weird. =P Enjoy!

until next time, ciao. =)



  1. Palwasha N. Minhas said,

    LOL – You are hilarious ! BUT, True that is.

    • mahrukhh said,

      haha! thank you! thank you! =) *takes a bow* honestly thanks alot for the feedback. =)

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