Exam Treachery

August 19, 2009 at 7:09 am (Uncategorized)

i am the living example of the phrase, “ignorance is bliss“. considering i’ve got two exams scheduled for next week, i should be studying, nay, cramming for both but NOOOOOOOOOOO! in characteristic Mahrukh style, im acting as if my summer break has already started. (hence, the active online status). But then i thought before i vanish into the oblivion and hibernate for the next two weeks, i bid one last (temporary) adieu by talking about all things nonsensical. =P

ohh maan, i went to a mehndi last week and it was slightly different from the rest of the mehndis i’ve attended mainly because ALL the girls there were SUPER-HOT (and i mean that in a very straight way) thus giving me severe inferiority-complex and the dances were just AWESOME! i mean how many mehndis have you been to where there was a group of guys dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” ?? in fact, how many mehndis have you been to where there were guys who could dance AT ALL?? Well there can be only two words to describe my reaction; BLOWN AWAY! i mean, they were doing the steps in the EXACT manner as it was done in the video! THEY EVEN DANCED TO ONE REPUBLIC’S “APOLOGIZE”!! (hyperventilating). *takes deep breath* duuude i’ve decided… the main criteria for dancing at my mehndi will be to dance on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” i dont care. =P (prepare yourselves all =D)

awww man, already half the day’s gone. i guess i should really get back to studying. *sigh* what i wouldn’t give for Rita Skeeter’s quill which would know the answers beforehand and write itself? then again considering the vile nature of the quill, i have a feeling that the plan would backfire horribly.

anyways im off. see you later alligator; in a while crocodile… (and whatever parting messages you can think of =P)

until next time, ciao. =)


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OH…..MY….GOD!! =O

August 15, 2009 at 5:00 am (Uncategorized)

ok i know i’ve already posted today’s blog but this is something i just HAVE to share with you guys!!! a friend sent me this video… listen to the lyrics, you’ll laugh your butt off!! =D

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HAPPY BUDDAYY PAKISTAANN!! *rips silencer off motorcycle and heads towards the main beach*

August 15, 2009 at 4:20 am (Uncategorized)

“Deck the halls with flimsy pakistani flags.. fa lalalala lala lala

‘Tis the season to be cautious.. fa lalalala lala lala

Don’t step out onto the main Seaview road.. falala lalala lala la

Or you’ll be missing a phone and a wallet…falalalala lala la LA!”

yup its the 14th of august and it has officially been 62 years since Pakistan came into existence…now you may be wondering if im gonna launch into a detailed in-depth analysis of the political, economic, social, legal, behavioral, psychological state of the country. things couldn’t be further from the truth. (in fact they’re way, WAY back… like, the tip of mount everest even.) its just that living in karachi and for that matter living in a place like Seaview has exposed me to a variety of sights every now and then (and not just the mobile snatching episodes that i’ve mentioned above). Senior citizens out for a stroll, families taking their kids out for a camel ride,  a girl telling off a couple of rowdy boys to leave her alone or she’ll contact her father’s cousin who’s in the police; these are just some of the scenes which i have grown used to over the years. And of course, who can forget the annual celebration of our country’s independence day right here at the beach where people from all four corners of Karachi, bearing through all forms of police barriers (physical and otherwise) come to rejoice. You can smell the freedom in the air (apart from the smells of kebab rolls, vehicle fumes, firecracker smoke and mildew); there’s nothing more liberating than removing the silencer from your motorcycle, wrapping every inch of your body with anything and everything that’s green and white, saluting towards the mortified expressions of your parents and then heading off into the sunset, exhaling toxic fumes from the back of your motorcycle and with the turr-turr-turring piercing your eardrums.

And what better way to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of your country’s existence than to head towards the beach? Concerts are out of the question; the ticket prices are too high plus each girl is flanked with 5 to 6 guys, thus eliminating any possibility of acting flirtatious and not getting pummelled to the ground. Clubs are mainly for the rich and famous who are the bane of this society (besides the events there are too tame). Any other place would be….. just plain boring. Therefore the beach is THE place to go because it is the ONLY place where people can be free to flirt, create noise pollution, dance in the middle of the street, have motorcycle races and steal phones and wallets from defenseless bystanders without ANY form of interruption. (Heck, they could create a camp fire out of a truck’s tire and do a ritualistic dance around it, who’s to stop them?). One wonders if the question: “What have YOU done for your country so far?” were to be asked of these people, what answers one would get? Perhaps the following scene would put things into perspective:

Patriot: “Young man, i would like to ask you the meaning of independence? what does the term mean to YOU?”

Party pooper *confusion clouding expression*: “independence? uhhh….it means to be free, i guess.”

Patriot: “yes, yes, but that’s the literal meaning. surely you must know the symbolism of the term.”

Party pooper: “oh! yes of course i do. it means to be free and…uhhh,..being able to do what you want and….ummm….”

Patriot: “ok never mind. perhaps you may be able to tell me what you as an individual has done for your country?”

Party pooper *swells chest*: “oh i have taken part in a number of debate competitions and i’ve even sang songs in honour of my country….”

Patriot: “no no no. what i meant was what have you done FOR your country? you know something which may have contributed towards the improvement of the society? Your coming here to the beach and prancing around in the middle of the street is a mere celebration of the fact that….”

Party pooper: “Dancing?? did you just say that there was some dancing going on??”

Patriot: “no, i didn’t say dancing…i was referring to your lack of seriousness towards the issue that….”

Party pooper *shouts to friend*: “Hey guys! there’s some dance and music thing going on! Let’s go check it out!”

Patriot: “no! WAIT! you’ve misunderstood what i was trying to….. *coughs from the exhaust fumes of the motorcycles*.

On  a serious note though, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your country’s independence (even if it means circling the main road a few times with a massive flag tied to your back). But considering the dire straits that our country is in currently, we should try to think out of the box. Talks and discussions are good; they help us in seeing the problem a lot more clearly and in an entirely new perspective but it shouldn’t be the ONLY thing we’re capable of. Its time we DO something. And i know, considering the number of things that are wrong with our society right now the task can seem overwhelming. Thus i am in no way suggesting that something monumental needs to be done; such things take time. but as an individual, a number of us can do our part. from now on, try NOT throwing that wrapper out your car window, try to resist giving a bribe to that traffic policeman, try teaching a child something that he/she is likely to remember for a long time. that way when we are asked what we have done for our country, we’ll not only have an answer but we’ll be able to keep our heads high. =D

i wish everyone a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

until next time, ciao. =)

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its just another manic mondayyy!!

August 11, 2009 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized)

i swear i think i shud hang a horse’s shoe over my wireless router and modem or burn green chillies next to it or something  cos it seems like, being the motor mouth that i am, i’ve unwittingly managed to cast a dark shadow over my internet connection over the past few days. it is taking soooooo long to connect and when it eventually does, the speed is at a snail’s pace. to top it all off, it stays connected for barely 5 min before vanishing once again into oblivion.(yea u can take bak your title, Rhode Island). so basically watever important work you had to do which involved going online (checking your mail, reviewing dat dodgy girl’s status updates on facebook) you had a time limit of 5 min combined with the difficulty of having to cope wid a slow internet speed… its like an internet obstacle race where not only are you certain that you aren’t gonna win but where the only consolation prize is working up a sweat to acquire something as crappy as ‘time management skills’.


sumtime back a friend suggested that i write abt the significance (or the lack of it) of  ‘mondays’ in everybody’s lives. since im aware of the impact of that particular day in most people’s lives, i decided to give it a try. therefore i present to you the top 5 characteristics of  ‘Mondays’. Love them, or hate them… you decide. =)

  1. For many people ‘mondays’ are resolution days… you know, like how many people make yearly resolutions? well, there are quite a few people (like yours truly) who make weekly resolutions, the implementation of which, we assure ourselves, will DEFINITELY be done from monday: “i’ll definitely get that report drafted on monday”; “i’ll definitely start reading the business pages of the newspaper everyday starting monday.” all it takes is a little dosage of friends, parties and the latest scandal on The Bold and the Beautiful to distract us from our commitments.
  2. For a large segment of the population (especially our generation of people) ‘mondays’ signal the arrival of something we’ve been dreading for a very long time….. WORK. No amount of groaning and moaning will delay the onslaught of the inevitable; that despite knowing we should’ve prepared for that quiz/worked for that report earlier, we obviously didnt.. ( “but MOOOMMMM!! Beverly Hills 90210 was on! Greg was about to tell Sally that hes GAY!”) and so we brace ourselves for the barrage of insults that shall be delivered to us courtesy our boss/professor (who’s an ass anyway).
  3. Forget friday the 13th…..some people label ‘mondays’ as their ‘bad luck’ days. It could either be the black cat which crosses their path every monday morning, it could be due to spilling salt every monday morning at breakfast or how that damn ladder is always standing near that impossible-to-cross puddle of mud every monday morning, forcing one to go under it. whatever the reason, these people refuse to budge from their beliefs; if your boss yelled at you for something you didn’t do, if you managed to spill coffee all over yourself  just as that cute sales executive who works on your floor enters your office or if you get splashed with mud as a sports car zooms by; then these people believe its cos Lady Luck decided to take the day off.
  4. Mondays are also the first day after a weekend during which you’ve done nothing except surf the web, talk on the phone for hours, watch movies and sleep like a drug addict. therefore its really hard to get bak into routine after such rigorous chilling (what?? that takes alot of work too!)
  5. If your birthday falls on a monday, God forbid, then you must be prepared for some major swindling, cake smearing and, in the case of guys, birthday bumps. Many people treat the birthday boy/girl as the guinea pig to vent all of their frustrations and grievances on… JUST BECAUSE its a monday! and mind you, this is not something to be taken lightly. they’ve had the entire weekend to think of different ways to make you regret why you didn’t just change your birthdate just this one time..

so there you have it…. 5 reasons why ‘monday’ leaves such an impact on all of our lives. its no wonder why the famous band of the 80s, the Bangles, came up with this song:

“its just another manic mondaayyyy!!

wish it was sundayyyy!!

but its just mondayyy!”

until next time, ciao. =)

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mehndi mania

August 7, 2009 at 9:55 am (Uncategorized)

man, talk abt down in the dumps. remember how i was so happy abt scraping through my sales midterm not only unscathed but wid flying colors? yea well it turns out………. I WAS FRIGGING LIED TO!! imagine how stupid i must’ve looked jumping wid glee over wat i thot was gud news but wat eventually turned out to be a load of crap. now why wud anyone do dat?? dont they know how de-motivating dat can be? its like launching into the air in a hot balloon but thn having sum sick freak throw spears at it. sigh.

oh well onto other news…. recently i’d gone to a friend’s sister’s mehndi (yup talk abt long distance.. but dats how it is here in pakistan; even if u go attend ure brother’s in-laws 4th cousins wedding nobody will think ure outta place). the wedding season has started somewhat early in the year this time, which is good for some people cos neither will they hve to worry abt their make up melting (in the case of ladies) or their shirt getting soiled up with sweat (in the case of gents) cos of the weather being really nice; nor will they hve to worry abt their teeth falling off due to all its chattering as is pretty common during winters. other than dat the nature of it is pretty much the same; bright colors, laughing faces, loud dance music, aunties dressed in fashions half their age… etc.

but one other event took place at this particular mehndi which by far stood out from the rest (at least for us =p) and which can be qualified as the first of its kind. so here’s what happened: we were all sitting at one of the tables placed in the hall (or garden or watever), passing the time leading to the arrival of the barat by chatting with each other (by the way, this was like, one of the very rare and few punctual mehndis i’ve ever seen; the entire scene was wrapped up by 12:45, wich in this part of the world is UNHEARD OF!!). now each table had a massive pedestal fan located near it; u know, the huge kind… the kind which threaten to chop your hand off if you get too close and which u can use also use as a propellor for a tiny boat =S. two of my friends were standing talking to each other, one of them dangerously close to one of these gigantic fans. what happened next is something nobody expected:


6 heads swerved in the same direction where the weird noise had come from only to find this:



THE FREAKING THING ATE UP HER DUPATTAA!!! =O the poor thing herself was in a state of shock. the nature of the incident combined with the fact that she suddenly found herself MINUS a dupatta was a bit unnerving as i could tell from the expression on her face. for the rest however, it proved to be the highlight of the evening. as if guided by instinct, almost everybody took out their digital cameras/camera phones and started clicking away! (myself included..=P… waaat??? my dupatta-less friend was assuring everyone that she was fine, despite every concerned look thrown her way so might as well take her word for it.) anyways it took the staff working there almost half an hour to unwind the dupatta from the fan. wen it finally did come out it was a bit greased but surprisingly in one piece. the rest of us took the opportunity to berate the host about the lack of arrangement and maintenance facilities (“you call this foolproof arrangement?! the next thing you know everybody will be sporting a french cut courtesy the maniacal pankha!!) but all the same in the end everybody got to have a good laugh.

*groan* have to go work on my SM report. stupid professor thinks just cos hes toured half the world and cut a few business deals that he has as much knowledge as the Dalai Lama. well he has another think coming….*rolls up sleeves and tucks an SM book under arm*

until next time, ciao. =)

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August 5, 2009 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

its kind of funny the kind of news items u run into…. just wen you’re about to reach the conclusion that the world couldn’t get any weirder, another piece of information not only hits you in the head but also manages to leave a mark.its sort of like, going for tennis practice wid a badminton racket only to find that the rest of their players have brought their table tennis rackets. (ok that was completely random! =p)

the other day i was scanning through the newspaper (just in case my parents launched into another lecture on how important it is to be aware of current events; hence, scanning =P) when i came across a news item whose headline stated:

‘Chinese astronauts not allowed to come on space mission on account of bad breath’

yup, you read correctly. apparently if you possess any form of body odour you’re not allowed to accompany the rest of the team on the shuttle. mainly the safety and preferences of the other astronauts are taken into consideration for this… i dont blame them actually. i mean body odour is not exactly most people would welcome, specially in a place as closed as a space shuttle. (clawing at the windows to escape the smell and then dying of suffocation is more like it. =P)

but believe it or not, there’s more! apart from going through a strict procedure of measuring the strength and health of the applicants, another very important criteria is… believe it or not, the astronauts WIVES! until and unless the wife of the astronaut applying in question does not get the green signal to go ahead, the astronaut cannot take part in the mission. talk abt womens rights huh? =P (husband:“aww honeyyy!! u can’t DO this to me!! i’ve been preparing for this for months!! why won’t you let me go??” wife:“Because i dont trust you. You’re always looking for a reason to leave me so if a martian supermodel comes upto you and asks you to take her out on a date, who’s gonna stop you??

oooh here’s another news item i came across…. talking robots who are able to cure people suffering from psychological and mental diseases by cooking and dancing to michael jackson’s tunes. =O now who would’ve thot? The Japanese (its ALWAYS the japanese, ALWAYS!) have developed a one of a kind robot who is able to properly interact with humans and who would prove to be a better companion than a dog (yup sorry poochie, but ure days are numbered). and i guess the singing and dancing to michael jackson tunes is pretty apt considering the recent demise of the pop legend. lets just hope it doesnt start develop a feathery voice, grows white and begins to indulge in massive cosmetic surgeries such as botoxes and face lifts. =P

anyways im off. heres to having a good week, thanking God i salvaged my reputation as an above average student in sales and hoping that i manage to survive the barrage of  mehndi and dholki invites in the coming month. *clink of glasses*

until next time, ciao. =)

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Timecheck! *ting!*

July 30, 2009 at 6:05 pm (Uncategorized)

i’ve finally been able to determine the purpose of all these student development programs that have sprung up left, rite and centre….

Objective No. 1:

‘to keep students on their toes at ALL times‘ (such that they’re forced to watch their backs every minute for fear of an organising member recording the minute they fall flat on their faces)

Objective No. 2:

‘to give students virtually insurmountable challenges to accomplish’ (to the point that they feel like banging their heads against the wall in the hopes of getting a spark of creativity)

Objective No. 3:

‘to squeeze every atom of energy from every student such that it may take days to recover’ (during wich students may walk around in a zombie-like state or in sum cases even sleepwalk)

i recently took part in my university’s first ever model united nations simulated conference program in the hopes that i wud gain some valuable experience and be able to wow the judges wid my infectious enthusiasm and self-confidence (well it was either that or i had suffered a temporary lapse of sanity and willingly agreed to make a complete fool outta myself!). the idea of the program was to divide all students into groups representing different countries which were meant to interact with each other on a variety of issues. the following four days of sessions were memorable in every way…. either in terms of certain points raised (“honourable chair, the quality of children born is declining due to the lack of effort on the part of the husband” and “i would like somebody to moderate my caucus”) to brief entertainment sessions (arm wrestling matches, dissing other delegates) and then of course the ‘Asian Village’ (dances to ‘Bibi Shireen’, kabbadi matches, saddams execution, hitting bush with shoes, afghan men torturing their women, a hindu wedding). mixed feelings of relief accompanied with nostalgia filled me as i left the auditorium today – relief at the fact that i wont b getting by wid jus 3-4 hours of sleep combined with massive info overload of statistics,facts and figures anymore and nostalgia at the fact that time jus flew by and it all came to an end all too soon.

anyways, im back to my whining mode again…. today im whining about the immense number of brain-numbing advertisements that we’re constantly subjected to day in and day out. i mean, c’mon man… its become virtually impossible to watch a movie with ease on worldcall anymore. its like watching a 20 min movie within 40 min of ads. and the KIND of ads!! allow to me to demonstrate….ahem..“this timecheck was brought to you by ‘Fit raho’ weight control pills – aap ke motaapey ka aasaani se khaatma! na exercise ka jhunjhat, na dieting ka masla.. ‘Fit raho’ pills; nayi zindagi apnayein” and “Brido Facial Cream – aap ki zindagi sawar jaye aur aap ko gore pan ka jadoo dikhaye!” ( picture of the bride standing in front of a fake taj mahal). and the worst part is that this nuisance isn’t just limited to television, its widespread over radio channels as well! getting to hear my favorite song has become somewhat of a distant memory as far as im concerned; in order to please their sponsors, some radio channels actually begin to play the advertisement track in the middle of the song!!

oh well, having said that i guess i’d better go now…. hve to put a lid on dat imbecile ali zafar and his stupid jazz ad, its driving me crazy.

until next time, ciao. =)

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….and then, there was LIGHT!

July 22, 2009 at 8:32 pm (Uncategorized)

….. and the heavens burst forth with water anew; drenching the landscape with raindrops shaped as pearls and showering every creation, manmade or natural, as far as the naked eye could see, thus enabling them to shed their rusty facade brought upon by years of neglect and embrace a new, clear and crystalline appearance, all standing tall  stretching beyond the horizon……

…. well it was either that or God forgot to turn off the tap which was supposed to fill up His massive swimming pool. =P

Man, that day was sum crazy day.. rainfall in torrents and a whipping breeze… so much so that many houses were flooded overnite! take a drive across the Seaview area and you’l see scores of buildings balconies decked with rugs, bedsheets, mickey mouse floor mats, u name it. news of people losing their cool and pouring out onto the street to vent their frustration and anger started circulating; riots were breaking out everywhere, buildings were being damaged ( i heard sumone sumwhere had damaged a KFC outlet…. AGAIN! man, people must really hate their menu)…. in short, the city had gone mad. of course u must’ve guessed who the target of all this disturbance was…. yup, KESC officials had a field day playing hide n go seek with angry mobs situated in different corners of the city. people even started giving euphemisms for KESC… sum came up with ‘Karachi Electric Sucking Corporation’, yet another came up with ‘Kabhi Kabhi Electric Supply Corporation’. whether u want to admit it or not, KESC had become the donkey upon wich everybody not only wanted to pin the tail but also throw arrows aflame with fire at.

of course i sympathised with the public mostly… we were without electricity for almost 3 days consecutively. had it not been for our faithful generator, i would’ve certainly been among the first rioters to throw a rock at a KESC office window. yet we still had power thankfully so it was relatively easy to get by. ironically, considering we had no electricity, no cable and no water, the only thing that was working was the internet! so yea, while others were draining their houses of rainwater, i was gliding through  cyberspace. (hehehe, beat that Rhode Island) sigh, my nation tends to surprise me at times.

anyways now that everythings back to normal (the roads are clear, the scorching suns back in the sky, my allergy kicking in) im sure all of us will look back on the previous days and smile…… NOT! =P

hey check out this video…. its really apt considering the rain craziness we had to go thru previously.

until next time, ciao. =)

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July 17, 2009 at 3:03 pm (Uncategorized)

YESSS!!! im BACK alll!!! (to laptop: “oh honey i missed u so much!!” *big slobbery kiss*).. after much craziness in the past week ( sum family related issues, other dumb issues) im FINALLY back in the blogging business!

anyway during my immensely long hiatus, i noticed quite a few things dat i hadn’t noticed before. firstly, my yearning to try out new things n conquer my fear in certain areas (as opposed to slinking away into a corner n pray dat the ground just swallow me up widout a trace), dat the weather in karachi is ALOT better thn the weather in lahore (*points finger* HA! *single raindrop splatters onto forehead*) n dat more n more GUYS my age r tying the knot. hmmmmm…. is this one of those signs of Judgement Day approaching? dat girls are becoming more career oriented n marrying late while guys are becoming more eager to ‘settle down’? not become all ‘homey’ but live the family life? i mean, you can easily tell the difference between the responses of girls and guys wen touching upon such a subject. wen u ask a girl wat her future plans are, her replies are mostly: “oh yea well i plan to do my masters” or “oh yea i plan to work” or even “i plan to take a fashion designing course in the hopes of opening my own studio sumday”. with sum guys, however, its a completely matter….

(n i stress on the word ‘sum’  in case one of u gets all touchy n goes like ‘OY!’ as if im attacking ure manhood in sum way, cos im in NO way stereotyping.. this is my personal observation of a few guys  i know. satisfied? gud. =) now lets move on)…

Sum of the guys i’ve spoken to are like: ” oh well i do plan to work, but im also getting married/nikhah-o-fied/engaged/rishta pakko-fied by the end of this month so naturally i’l need to work in order to make myself financially stable enuf to support my family”….. hmmm, spoken like a true family man. any takers ladies?

now dont get me wrong… if these are the paths chosen by either gender thn so be it, who am i to argue? although i can only imagine wat the poor mothers must go through in such kinds of predicaments. the guy who wants to get married will obviously want to get married to girls who are younger thn thm, plus well educated and whose overall compatibility matches theirs. however the girl would have no desire to settle down so early, specially wen her career is about to take off and wen there are so many opportunities just waiting to be availed. the guys mom will be frustrated cos no girl younger thn her darling boy would be willing to tie the knot (and this is especially true of those poor souls whose sons say: “ammi, jo aapki pasand ho, meray liye wohi theek hai.” ) whereas the girls mother would be ready to pull all her hair out cos firstly her daughters not ready to ‘sacrifice’ her career just yet and secondly as she gets older, all the potential guys who are in their late 20s or early 30s who prove to be a compatible match turn out to be married!!

sigh, wat a predicament indeed. well, never underestimate the mommys i always say… they’l always find a way out of every mess. right mom? =P

until next time, ciao. =)

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wimbledon!! *hits self with racket*

July 4, 2009 at 3:39 pm (Uncategorized)

people ask me how i find the time to maintain blogs and wonder why on earth i choose such a thing as blogging to occupy my free time. well my answer to them is………………………….have u seen the latest transformers movie??

=P no seriously i blog cos i love to write. n its not just abt boring ppl to death by telling them wat my daily schedule is; this is more of a launchpad towards other things… great things…*awe-inspiring music playing in the background* …. things that make me realise my full potential… things that give me the opportunity to make a difference in my society, my country, and the WORLD!! *maniacal grin*

hmmmm, i think i shud just stick to the ‘boring ppl to death’ excuse. =P

ow! my rite arm hurts so much i can barely type. yesterday i went to play badminton wid a couple of friends at karachi gymkhana. ironically wen we first started, we were comparing with each other how long its been since we last played badminton at all. by the end of the day, the comparison had shifted to ‘who plays better than the rest’! =P a funny thing happened in the middle of the game; the top part of my racket came off! i mean, literally it just separated itself from the handle! thankfully i wasn’t in the middle of a serve or anything otherwise things could’ve turned pretty ugly.

“oh man! im all charged up now! *hits shuttlecock with racket*

*racket top shoots ahead and busts the opponents nose*

“oh dear” *puts the remaining handle down and slowly creeps out of the court*

hehe yea it would’ve been like one of those funny sports accidents only it would’ve involved alot more blood..and,uh…broken bones…*shudder*

i didnt realise how out of shape i really was until the next day. my entire body ached and i had sore spots in a number of places. of course dat didnt stop me from gobbling down a kitkat chunky bar. it acted like a soothing balm applied to all the rite places. mmmm! =P

anyways, i was watching the ladies final of wimbledon played between serena and venus williams. not undermining the fact dat both sisters are fantastic players the world of tennis has ever seen, the match somehow seemed….. rigged. i mean, venus was being unusually sluggish while serena was at the top of her game.. altho venus was careful not to trail too far behind but just abt. i stopped watching the match for this reason cos i felt disgusted (and cos my dad had taken the remote control from me and before i could protest, had promptly silenced me with a menacing glare). its also been said that the father of both sisters already knows whos going to win between the two.

Dad: “ok venus, u’ve been doing really well lately and im proud of you… but this time, im gonna have to ask u to give your sister a chance.”

Venus: “wat?? why?? no! NO! (whining) u ALWAYS do this to me! she ALWAYS gets wat she wants! i hate her!”

Dad: “now honey, wat have i taught you?”

Venus (resigned voice): “sigh….. dat we must always look out for each other”

Dad: “dats rite. dats the williams way. n dont forget, ure happiness is in ure sisters victory.”

Venus: “ure rite dad, im sorry. i’l do wat u say.”

Dad: “dats my girl!” (proudly walks away)

Venus (in an undertone): “brat.”

until next time, ciao. =)

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